Seoul Travel Guides…

Today i was busy tidying up in my bedroom and i came across my ever growing collection of Seoul Travel Guides, so i thought why not share some of my thoughts on them and let you know my top three. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful if you’re thinking of buying one yourself!

1- EyeWitness Travel- Top 10 Seoul. £7.99

This guide is the one that I find by far, the most informative and helpful. It includes everything you could need to know for a trip to Seoul. In this guide there are ranking for things such as: the top 10 cheap hotels, the top 10 high end hotels, the top 10 Kpop attractions, the top 10 traditional Korean eateries. It even includes lists for the best and safest places for LGBT tourists to visit and also the top 10 things NOT to do in South Korea.

If you’re going to buy a Travel guide, this is the one I recommend. It also comes with a reasonably sized pull out map.

2- Lonely Planet’s Pocket Seoul. £7.99

This guide is also another highly recommended one, that also comes with a pull out map like the guide I first mentioned. However, this Travel guide also includes smaller, more detailed maps of the districts within Seoul such as Hongdae, Gangnam and Myeongdong.

This guide, like the first, includes lists of the best places to eat, visit and travel to. Lonely Planet have also included some handy tips and tricks for when it comes to using Seoul’s extensive public transport system.

3- The Rough Guide to Seoul. £14.99

Now this guide I have mixed feelings on. Like the previous two, it contains lists of the best things to do in Seoul, but it doesn’t really provide much information on each attraction. You get a general piece of informarion on each district, but on the individual attractions,  all you get is the place name and it’s contact details and address.

I will say that this guide does include more photographs of the attractions and also has an interesting section on Seoul’s history.

 Personally I think this guide is just as informative as the ones I’ve previously mentioned, but it is almost double the price and doesn’t even have a pull out map for the reader.

항상 사랑

2 thoughts on “Seoul Travel Guides…

  1. Have you came across Nomad Project’s Seoul guide? I’ve been looking online and it’s the cheapest one that I can find but there’s no reviews 👀


    1. Yeah I actually do have that one, it’s pretty rubbishy tbh, I wouldn’t buy it if I knew… its only about 20 pages thick, no pictures, no map, it’s not worth buying at all 🙂


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