Let’s Talk Kpop…

So recently a few groups have had their comebacks and I have been absolutely LOVING some of those.

I have not stopped listening to the same few songs even if some of them make me a bit emotional, Yes… I’m talking about Sistar’s disbandment, which I am honestly absolutely gutted about. Lonely is Sistar’s last song, their ‘goodbye song’ if you will before they disband. Sistar were the first Kpop artist that I ever listened to all those years ago in 2010 and I honestly adore them so much, I was so sad to see they’re disbanding!

Anyway… The theme of the emotional songs continued, as Sistar’s disbandment reminded me of 2Ne1’s official disbandment earlier this year, which broke my heart as much as theirs did.

AND THEN… the emotional songs again continued after the news broke of the hospitalisation of Big Bang member T.O.P. This just sent me back into a cycle of listening to Last Dance on repeat and wanting to cry into my pillow for him…

Also just want to throw in a little get well soon and stay strong message to T.O.P.!!!!!!!!!!


So here are this months top 10 Kpop songs that I can’t stop listening too!

1: Sistar – Lonely

2: 2Ne1 – Goodbye

3: Big Bang – Last Dance

4: Super Junior – Islands

5: BlackPink – Boombayah 

6: Astro – Baby

7: Mamamoo – Um Ah Oh Yes

8: Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips

9: Super Junior D&E – Growing Pains

10: Got7 – Stop Stop It

(Hajima is legit my favourite Korean word judge me later)



As always, credit & copyright goes to the rightful owners of all images used, they do not belong to me.

항상 사랑 


(Check back in the next few days for my upcoming posts about buying Kpop merch online, and also a little bit about planning my trip to South Korea!)

One thought on “Let’s Talk Kpop…

  1. oh we’ve been doing the same thing! I’ve been listening to Last Dance so much these past few days too since I found out about his overdose. 😭

    Get well soon T.O.P Oppa! 💕


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