I recently FINALLY got round to doing some serious planning for my trip to Korea next year… Sit tight this one might be a bit long! 


First of all is when to actually travel to Korea, now i live in the UK, and the weather sucks right? It actually gets warmer that you think in the Summer in the UK, but obviously nothing like South Korea. South Korea is well known for having it’s four definitive seasons and corresponding weather, with extreme hot and extreme cold temperatures in Summer and Winter. Spring is usually dry with cool to warm temperatures with clear blue skies, Summer is usually muggy, humid, hot and rainy as this is also Monsoon season. Autumn is much like Spring with clear skies and both varying cool and warm temperatures, Winter is usually very cold, dry and often windy caused by the weather blowing in from Siberia. Korea also see’s a lot of snow during it’s coldest days. I have decided to visit South Korea in Spring, because the weather will be at it’s mildest whilst still being nice and warm and also that’s when my University holidays are. I’d also very much like to experience the celebrations of Buddha’s birthday at this time of year. I didn’t want to visit in the Summer because i didn’t want my trip to spoiled by Monsoon season!

seoul winter     seoul springseoul summer     seoul autumn

(N Seoul Tower through the seasons.)

So on with flights… Now I actually live over 250 miles north of London, so there are no direct flights to Asia from my region, so to start my holiday off I’m going to be travelling from Newcastle to London. Then from London we haven’t decided whether to fly direct to Seoul, or fly to Tokyo then fly over to Seoul, which is £200 cheaper to do but takes a day off the holiday. Let’s be honest a stop over in Tokyo would be cool, but i just want to get myself to Korea as soon as i possibly can!

So, I’m going to be travelling from London to Seoul, where I’ll be staying for around 10 days in the Myeongdong district. I was originally planning on staying in the Gangnam-gu, but maaaan the hotel prices almost double for that area! So anyway, I chose Myeongdong because obviously it’s on the north side of the Han River so it’s near to all the nightlife, Hongdae and Namsan Mountain and the N Seoul Tower, whereas the South side of the river is mostly the business district… After Seoul I’m thinking about spending a few days in either Busan or Jeju Island, but I haven’t decided that for definite yet, I might just spend the full 2 weeks in Seoul…

Whilst researching for my trip i did find out that my Government recommends that travellers to the country have up to date DTP vaccines (which i do) and also recommends getting vaccinated against Hepatitus A & B and also Typhoid, which i will be doing in the weeks before i travel! ALWAYS make sure that your vaccinations are up to date before travelling to any foreign country!

Anyway,  the whole point of this post is to find out if i’m missing anything! I have a HUGE list of places I want to visit, things I want to experience and food I want to eat. I’ve got all the typical touristy things on there like The Korean War Memorial, the DMZ & the palaces. So if you live in Korea, or have even visited comment some of the things you think i should see/do/eat, and if i don’t already have them i’ll add them to my list!

As always, all images used are not mine, credit goes to their rightful owners.

항상 사랑 



6 thoughts on “Planning…

  1. Hey! Regarding food you should definitely try Tosokchan’s Samyetang, I had some when I had a 2 day layover in Seoul a few weeks ago it was incredible! Also try the Bingsu if it gets hot 🙂

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    1. Ah you have no idea how much I want to try Samyetang it’s at the top of my list!! I heard the melon & grape flavour Bingsu is good so I’ll definitely go looking for some 🙃


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