Buying Kpop Merchandise Online…

redbubble logo

So today I want to talk about buying Kpop merchandise from the UK, specifically from Kpop merchandise is something that is relatively hard to come by in the UK, unless you’re willing to pay ridiculous prices online or you live near the Seoul Bakery in London (I live at the other end of the country.)

Redbubble is one of the only places I feel that I can get reasonably priced Kpop merchandise, with things such as T-Shirts costing around £20. Although it’s not official merchandise, like that you would find on eBay, I much prefer a lot of the stuff on their site because the designs are a little bit different and a bit quirky. They also have a lot of novelty or ‘inside joke’ merchandise that I personally love such as these below… (Infires man…)

Everything on RedBubble has been designed by someone with an account on the site, that means you yourself can create an account and start designing your own merch for people to buy! All orders are also custom made when ordered, so these things aren’t just sitting in a warehouse waiting to be ordered, they’re custom made in the colour and size you want.

My experience with RedBubble has always been positive. Everything I’ve ordered has been exactly what it looks like on the site and the clothing has always fit me perfectly.

So here are some of the things I’ve ordered from RedBubble.


Jeonghan Flower Crown Shirt. (I am ultimate Jeonghan trash…) & Bangtan Style Shirt.


Seventeen Logo Shirt  & Suga Shirt.

Seventeen Floral Logo Iphone Case.

RedBubble stock a variety of items from Stickers (some of which i have plastered all over my university folders), Notebooks and Cushion Covers to T-Shirts, Phone Covers and Bags that all come in a variety of colours and designs. They stock merchandise for all kinds of Kpop bands, you just search the artist, band or even band member that you want and all merchandise featuring that person is brought up on screen.

AND if you sign up to their mailing list you receive 10% off an order and they will also continue to email you other savings and offers.

So, if you’re looking to find yourself some Kpop merch, even if it is unofficial, i really highly recommend RedBubble. Everything I’ve ordered in the past has came looking exactly like it has on the pictures, and postage has been decent with everything arriving within a week. The cost is also pretty good, but the price will vary depending on where RedBubble will be delivering too…

Make sure you check out sometime soon! Happy Shopping…



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