Let’s Talk Kpop…

It’s that time again, let’s do it! Let’s talk Kpop…

So this month has seen the comeback of the incredibly Beautiful, Flawless group of Sparkling Perfection that is Mamamoo…


All Hail my Queens.

Their comeback has honestly had me shook for the past few weeks because i am totally obsessed with them, i think they are incredible and the western world is definitely missing out on their amazing voices.

I’ve also been completely bashing Big Bang and G-Dragon lately because GD just announced that he’s bringing his tour to the UK and I am S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G…

Anyway, gonna keep this one short so on with this months picks…

1: Mamamoo – Yes I am

2: Black Pink – As If It’s Your Last

3: Big Bang – Sober

4: Suran – Wine

5: BTS – Come Back Home

6: Seventeen The8 & Jun – My I

7: Seventeen – Swimming Fool

8: TWICE – Ooh Ahh

9: Eric Nam – Can’t Help Myself

10: Got7 – A

Be sure to give some of these songs a listen!

(As always, images used do not belong to me, all credit goes to their rightful owners.)


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