Let’s Talk Kpop…

Oh look at that… This post is late again! I am so sorry I’m late again, but I have just been so busy with University and settling back into the swing of things.

Recently, I made a short little playlist of a few of my favourite songs for me to listen to in the car when I drive into University, so that’s where all of this months songs come from, and that’s why you’ve probably seen some of them mentioned before. But, never fear there are a few recent releases thrown in there such as a couple of BTS’ new tracks!

 So let’s not wait any longer, here we go!

bts dna

1: BTS – DNA

2: BTS – GoGo *

3: EXO – Artificial Love

4: Mamamoo – Piano Man

5: BlackPink – Playing with Fire

6: EXO – Run *

7: Girls Generation – Holiday

8: Day6 – I loved You *

9: Seventeen Performance Unit – 13

10: Seventeen Hip Hop Unit – Trauma *



(As always, all images used do not belong to me, credit goes to their rightful owners.)

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