Kpop in Korea…

Well nobody who visits Korea can escape it… It was everywhere and I mean everywhere! Obviously i’m talking about Kpop!

As soon as we exited immigration at Incheon Airport we were greeted by a massive sign featuring BTS welcoming us to Korea (aaaaand the fangirling began!)

bts korea

We ventured out to Gangnamgu a couple of times whilst we were in Seoul, for Kpop reasons of course… all the popular Kpop sites are easily accessible by Seoul’s incredible subway system. ((Honestly I could not get over how amazing and efficient the subways here were!!!))

On one day we went to the COEX complex, which houses the COEX Mall, Aquarium and SM Town@CoexArtium. Obviously the first stop was SM Town, where I had major plans to drool over all of the EXO stuff…


When you first arrive at SM Town you’ll see some handprints of some of the artists, so I set to work instantly measuring my hands against Chanyeols… Once you get inside the building you’ll be greeted with wall to wall floor to ceiling pictures of artists on the walls. It was great, every five seconds I was like ‘oh my god there’s bae!’

Go upstairs and you’ll find the SM Town museum, go up again and you’ll find the gift shop (had to seriously restrain myself here) and then go up again and you’ll find the reeeeeeal good part… The SM Town theatre! Here they show regular Surround and hologram concerts of the various artists including EXO, Red Velvet, Girls Generation and Super Junior.

If you’re a fan of any SM Entertainment artist or have never been able to attend a Kpop concert in person I highly recommend visiting here!

We also visited the infamous KStar Road and the entertainment companies located in the area. These include Cube Entertainment, BH Entertainment, SM Town and JYP. We only went to see JYP and SM Town though. We even saw a trainee going into JYP who smiled at us while we were being all touristy and taking pictures of the building (no idea who the kid was though!)


KStar Road again is a must if you love both the rookie and senior generation Kpop artists. Artists like 4Minute and Kara to Super Junior and Vixx are featured here. BTS have even signed their bear and you can still see the signatures. I also found a picture of them with their bear and was like ‘right I need to put my hand right where Suga had his’ 🙄


We checked out Hongdae on a Saturday evening as well and I loved it so much. If you don’t already know, Hongdae is the ‘youthful’ area of Seoul by Hongik university. There was a lot of foreigners here and young Koreans, who were watching the street performers. We stood for a good half hour watching one dance cover group. There wasn’t just dancers, there was rappers, singers, guitar players… it was a Kpop heaven and the crowds were even doing the fan chants in the street!

Anyway, again if you are a Kpop fan on any level, or even if you’re not check out these sights to see how the Korean entertainment industry really works.


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