Let’s Talk Kpop…

Well as some of you may know I recently got back from a trip to Korea. Whilst I was there I had the absolute pleasure of watching a live M-Countdown and I am so obsessed with some new artists so if you see any names you’ve never heard of before on this list PLEASE check them out. Some of these artists are really young and need the love okay!

1: Twice – What is Love

2: G-Idle – Latata

3: N Flying – How are you today

4: The East Light – Love Flutters

5: BOL4 – Travel

6: Pristin V – Spotlight

7: Victon – Time of Sorrow

8: Samuel – One (PLEASE LOVE THIS KID!!!)

9: BTS – Best of Me

10: Red Velvet – Bad Boy

~ please please please support Samuel! He is an actual angel, the kid is only 16 and is literally like my child. He is an ex-Seventeen member and I just want him to do well! ~


(As always, unless stated otherwise the pictures used are not my own. Full credit goes to their rightful owners.)


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