Where have you been?

Good question…

So, here’s the tea, I have 1000% not had time to update or even think about this blog for a while now. I have been working super hard to maintain my grades at Uni, so far I’ve only had one slip up which was a 60% (my lowest mark at uni everrrrrrr). I’ve had so much work and writing to do for my assignments but as well as this I’ve been teaching. Like real people, I have actually been teaching real living breathing people! During the university year I’ve been involved in teaching on the EAP (English for Academic Purposes) program with the most lovely bunch of Chinese students ever. (They told me they thought I was very beautiful and always tell me they like my nails and lipstick yey!). I’ve also been volunteering to work with Refugees and Asylum seekers in my local area.

On top of all the uni work and teaching, my dad had been unwell again. He had an Internal Defibrillator fitted in November 18’ because he has heart failure and this device will shock him if his heart stops beating or falls into AF or VF. He also just last week had surgery to remove his Thyroid gland as this was causing his AF to get worse. Anyway, he’s home now and doing really well so moving on…

-You may also notice I’ve changed the nae of my site. Don’t worry it’s still all about my education, teaching, language and all that stuff, but to make it more personal I changed it to my name and I’m gonna post some other stuff on here as well.


Coming soon will be some of the following:

-A massive ‘Let’s talk about KPop where I’ll include everything I’ve been loving this year!

-Reviews/ Experiences of seeing BlackPink, BTS and Monsta X live in London!

-An updated how to learn Korean

-What is it like to be a KPop fan outside of Korea? (UK).

-My experience of helix & tragus piercings.


Keep an eye out, I’ll be back soon!


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