How I learned Korean – UPDATED.

So, I decided It was time to update this one since my language skills have progressed so much and I have found new ways of learning. Some of the points will be the same as I made last time, but things like the apps I use etc will have changed.

Native speakers of the language are your friend. Practice as much as you can with speakers of your target language and let them know you want their help. My reading skills in Korean have improved greatly through having the Korean friends I’ve made at university on my social media feeds.

Use the apps. There are so many language learning apps out there and there are quite a few good FREE ones. You do have to pay for some of the advanced features on a few but here are some I find really useful:

  • HelloTalk – This allows you to communicate with native speakers of the language they’re learning. It works like a language exchange and you can correct and improve each other’s grammar, spelling and pronunciation. The app also has a call feature so you can speak to other people too and physically the app is laid out like a Facebook profile.
  • LingoDeer – This is a step by step language learning app. It contains tests and if you’ve used DuoLingo (one of the most popular language learning apps) you’ll find this similar.
  • DuoLingo- Obviously DuoLingo is a staple for a language learner.
  • EggBun – Again, similar in style to LingoDeer and DuoLingo
  • Korean Letter- This app is literally just a screen that shows all the hangul characters, with their sound when pressed.

Learn to read it before you speak it! Learning to read the hangul alphabet makes understanding the sounds easier.

Watch the K-Dramas and listen to the Kpop!

Take advantage of youtubers such as KoreanUnnie (my fave) and KoreanClass101.

Spend a little time in a country where the language is spoken if you can. – I did manage to visit South Korea last year, but I didn’t get to use my Korean much because they were more interested in speaking English to me, but even just reading the signs helps.


Thanks for reading and if you’re looking to learn Korean or any other language good luck!

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